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Our mission is to provide an expert overview at every level to value, to support and to secure your innovations : Identification of eligible projects, valuation methodologies for research projects, validation of the amounts of R&D tax credits, including risk analysis and justification.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge of current case law and thorough understanding of R&D tax credit law, Businove can help you from the early stages of a project through to its completion.






Each of our 14 employees have more than 10 years of professional experience in the industrial sector or in consulting.


For each client and project, we offer you the best and most experienced  of our team to ensure the best possible outcome:


> A senior consultant, specialized and experienced in your specific field, who can support you in determining eligibility of a project for R&D tax credits including preparation of all documentation.


> A financial consultant is in charge of audit, optimizing and securing financing, and development of a tax optimization strategy.


> A project assistant will co-ordinate all aspects of your mandate to ensure a smooth and seamless process.


> The know-how of our legal, tax, administrative and back office teams support our clients, especially during tax inspections.


our clients

Our clients include innovative start-ups, corporate groups and their subsidiaries, high-growth SMEs, and companies undertaking strategic change, with a particular focus on four major sectors : Industrial – Energy & Renewables – Healthcare & Pharmaceutical – Digital Technology.


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